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Lucille Ball Quotes

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lucille ball ability is of little account without opportunity.

i donu0027t know anything about luck iu0027ve never banked on it and iu0027m afraid of people who do luck to me is something else hard work u2013 and realizing what is.

lucille ball.

lucille ball teacher quotes i would rather regret the things that i have done than the things that i have.

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a man who correctly guesses a womans age may be smart but heu0027s not very bright lucille ball download wallpaper.

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i have an everyday religion that works for me love yourself lucille ball.

i know this will mean nothing to those who do not live in the area but we are pretty cool here in chautauqua ny you see lucille ball you know the.

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lucille ball the radio and actress lucille ball was a longtime comedy star of american television best remembered for her classic.

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lucille ball quote u201cin life all good things come hard but wisdom.

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2 happy that i have brought laughter because i have been shown by many the value of it in so many lives in so many waysu201d.


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i have an everyday religion that works for me love yourself first and everything else falls into line lucille ball download wallpaper.

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celebrating the positive sides of being a redhead so weu0027ve created a few.

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what i am is brave i have never been scared not when i did movies certainly not when i was a model and not when i did i love lucy lucille ball.

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3 once in his life every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.

she drew the greatest laughs when she made faces at the studio audience.

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